Ksenia Savitskaya (Russia) Studying at National Cheng Kung University


【Student Profile】 (November, 2016)

Name: Ksenia Savitskaya
Country: Russia
University: National Cheng Kung University
Program: Transportation and Communication Management Science

Coming to Taiwan was the decision I took by myself which changed my life and did something big. That was scary at the beginning to move out from my own country to somewhere I’ve never been before but sometimes we need to do something like this to discover the beauty after. I’ve never regret that I am here. This country gave me a lot I would never have if I wouldn’t move here.

My university, NCKU, is a biggest part of my life now. It gave me so many knowledge and experience not only about academics but also about life. I feel good when I think that I am a part of NCKU and feel so proud to say that.

At this university I experienced so many new things. When I was learning Chinese at NCKU language center, I met so many foreigners from different countries. That was wonderful time. Teachers are so nice and friendly there. The studying process is easy because they make it through the games and continuous interaction between students and teachers.

Now, when I am a student of NCKU I also experience a lot. For example I had class called “Service study” where we had to go to junior high school to spend time with children, to teach them some life principles, English and also share with them our culture. Like this children here could see that foreign people are not only Americans but also from other different countries. That was so unique and interesting. We were teaching them and learning from them as well. I could say that I saw the life in Taiwan from inside that’s to this class and now I consider Taiwan as my second home.


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