NGUYEN THI HONG NGOC (Vietnam) Studying at National University of Kaohsiung


【Student Profile】 (November, 2016)

Country: Vietnam
University: National University of Kaohsiung
Program: Western Languages and Literature

My name is Nguyen Thi Hong Ngoc. I come from Vietnam. I am a junior in the Department of Western Languages and Literature at National University of Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Studying abroad is quite an interesting experience and definitely it has been a positive one. Taiwan is an amazing island which is full of beautiful places and even more lovely Taiwanese people who are willing to help you anytime. I agree that, every foreign student constantly has to deal with culture shock or language barriers, but do not worry because you are in Taiwan.

My lectures and professors graduated from famous universities around the world. The teachers use a combination of Asian and European methods to encourage learning and this helps not only me but also their students who may have a desire to learn about different cultures.

The Division of International Affairs in NUK holds lots of various activities as Lunar New Year festival, International cuisine competition each year. These activities make international students in NUK get much closer. We not only have those beautiful and unforgettable moments but also have chances to learn how to organize the activity with team members from other countries. I agree with the idea that most foreign students constantly have to deal with culture shock or language barriers. This is the difficulty but also a great opportunity for us to challenge ourselves.

Some words to say to the students who come from Vietnam are that NUK is the first national university in Taiwan which has an official institution for teaching professionals Vietnamese as a foreign language. There are many projects that you can join to gain not only experience but also some fees to help support your life in Taiwan. Believe me that once you come to NUK, you will immediately fall in love with it.


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