Mutita Sattathusat (Thailand) Studying at Cheng Shiu University


【Student Profile】 (November, 2016)

Name: Mutita Sattathusat
Country: Thailand
University: Cheng Shiu University
Program: Business Administration

My name is Mutita Sattathusat from Thailand. I'm currently studying Graduate institute of business administration at Cheng Shiu University.

I'm still adapting to new environment here. But, generally, my experiences from the first day here in this country have been great. The reason why I chose Taiwan as my destination is because I need to improve my Chinese language, gain more knowledge, further my career and broaden my horizon, to see the world.

Though I majored in Chinese in my bachelor degree and didn't have much knowledge about business, I realize that it is great to gain the knowledge in business to support my language skill background.

I'm fortunate that Cheng Shiu University has scholarships for my company, Panyapiwat Institute of Management (PIM) Corporate University by CP All Plc. It gave me the opportunity to go abroad, learn new things and meet people from around the world.

I personally love to study here as I have been in love with this country, its culture, great places to visit. And when I'm here now I know that I'm right.

Although I'm not good at studying, with the help from my friends here and in my hometown and the support from my family, I'm sure I can get by. And I know that I have to work harder. I have to thank you for all the warm welcome and support from my teachers and friends here.

They are amazing. To know that people here are also interested in Thailand culture like Songkran festival comes as a surprise and I'm overjoyed to know that. Some people here also want to know more about Thai and that give me a chance to teach them Thai language.

Studying here is such a great opportunity for us. So let's make it the most memorable experience.


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