Ricardo Diaz (El Salvador) Studying at Tamkang University


【Student Profile】 (November, 2016)

Name: Ricardo Diaz
Country: El Salvador
University: Tamkang University
Program: International Business

Five years ago I decided to come to Taiwan with a full scholarship, one decision I will never regret. I wanted to study abroad in order to learn another language and have a better quality education and opportunities.During my first year, I studied Chinese in the language center of Tunghai University. I really enjoyed my time in Taichung, my favorite city in Taiwan.

For the last four years I have lived in Danshui studying at Tamkang University.I chose Tamkang University because of its English program, which will help me in my future Master’s aspirations in Europe.During all these years, I have gained so much experience and knowledge, and I am able to speak Chinese in a very fluent way.

Taiwan is a country where students’ life is excellent. I was able to meet students from every continent and network with them for future plans. I also made friends from different backgrounds and cultures. Tamkang University offered me the opportunity of engaging in many extracurricular activities and leading students associations and competitions. There is so much I have achieved thanks to Taiwan and Tamkang University. I can only say that Taiwan is an amazing place to study and set a professional career.


The Full Interview (Language: English / Caption: English and Chinese)