Sound Legal Framework

Taiwan's level of protection for foreign investment is very high. The people in Taiwan have matured legally. The protections for foreign investment are clearly stipulated in the foreign investment regulations. As legal education is promoted, the people and enterprises in Taiwan have good legal concepts. The predictability and stability of their actions have increased. The society is in good order and investment environment is secure. Almost all of the accounting systems in Taiwan conform to international standards. The deregulation for cross-strait policies further puts Taiwan in a more advantageous position than Hong Kong and Macao for investment.

The government has regarded the protection of intellectual property rights a very important issue. To create a better system and environment for IP protection, the government has actively made policies and taken measures to protect inventions and the authors' efforts to encourage innovative inventions. A dedicated court and a policeman team are established to protect IP rights, and related laws and regulations are also passed. These actions have won international community's recognition. In 2009, Taiwan is removed from the US government's 301 watch list, which is recognition of Taiwan's progression and enforcement in IP protection.

Source from: Invest in Taiwan

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