Living Cost


International International students with an Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) who have resided in Taiwan for 4 months must enroll in the National Health Insurance (NHI) program at a local administrative office. Before they are eligible for the NHI program, students can purchase their own insurance or participate in a temporary health insurance program offered by the international students' office at their educational institution. The insurance premium has to be paid monthly once registration is completed. The premium is NTD 8,988 (about USD 300) per year. The cost of NHI is included in tuition fee every semester. Once registered with the National Health Insurance, you will only need to pay 30% of the total medical bill. International students, who enroll in the NHI program, should apply for the NHI IC card. Students can fill in the "NHI IC Card Application Form," and attach a photocopy of your identity document, Mail or bring it in person to a nearby NHI branch office or liaison office. You will need the following documents: application form, passport, ARC, and two one-inch photos.


Chunghwa Post, the postal service of Taiwan, provides international and domestic mail services to the public. There are over a thousand branches, distributed all over the island, providing regular and express postal service. International students can apply for a postal box at the nearest branch. Students who receive Taiwan Scholarship need to open an account at a post office Chunghwa Post. In addition, most convenience stores serve as pick up locations for international and domestic express services.

Bank Accounts

Most banks offer foreign currency exchange and bank services in NT dollars. International students can open bank accounts with their passports and ARC cards. Individual who wants to open an account without an ARC card needs to get a universal identification number at the local police office.

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