Excellence in IT Products

The EconomistIntelligenceUnit (EIU), arenowned British think tank, recently announcedthe results of a global study ofIT industry competitiveness. Based on the study, Taiwan's IT industry rose to second place fromsixth place in the previous year out of atotal of 66 nations included in the study. The report noted that the country's risein the rankings owedmainlyto its strong performancein R&D, particularlyregardingpatentedtechnology. Taiwanese companies account for about three-quarters of the world's production of PCs and half of the world's LCDs. In addition, Taiwan makes about a quarter of the world's semiconductors and about a fifth of the world's mobile phones. Taiwanalsoboasts firms that are among theworld's leaders in products that save energy and reduce carbonemissions. These include companies making light-emittingdiodes (LEDs)and solar cells, both ofwhichwere among the fastest growingsegments in Taiwan's ICT industry last year. The country has the world's secondlargest LED industry with about a quarter of theworldmarket. LEDs reduce energyconsumption by emitting light froma chip rather than anincandescent filamentin alight bulb or charged gases in a fluorescent light tube. LEDs use about a tenth ofthe energy of anincandescent bulband canlast a decade or longer.

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