Comprehensive IP Protection

Intellectual property (IP) right is a crucial force to maintain a country's economic competitiveness in the global market. It is also an important indicator of modernization. Internationally-renowned rating institutes look into a country's R&D environment, momentum for innovation, and patent numbers to determine how competitive the country is. These indicators are all related to IP.

Many countries see IP policies as an integral part of their national development strategies. Among them, Japan drafted its "IP Strategic Outline" while China issued its "Intellectual Property Rights Strategy." Likewise, in the United States' "Strategic Plan for the 21st Century" and South Korea's "Mechanism of Reinforcing Overseas IP Protection," IP protection has always been the focus of attention. Taiwanese government understands the importance of IP protection and aspires to create an environment that will better foster innovation and protect IP rights.

The following discusses the initiatives of Taiwanese government on IP protection:

Taiwan has taken initiatives to protect intellectual property proactively in recent years and these efforts did pay off. In 2009, Taiwan has been removed from the watch list of Special 301 Report of the United States. This is indeed an acknowledgement of Taiwan's advance in IP protection.


Council for Economic Planning and Construction, Executive Yuan

Source from: Invest in Taiwan

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