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Currently, Taiwan has two international airports-Taoyuan and Kaohsiung airports, and 7 international harbors, consisting of Kaohsiung harbor, Keelung harbor, Taichung harbor, Hwalian harbor, Anping harbor, Suaou harbor and Taipei harbor, in the order of their business volume. Taiwan has complete international transportation facilities and logistic capability. Furthermore, Taiwan has passenger transportation systems, railways, highways and domestic airports for domestic long distance transportation. Taiwan has complete railway networks throughout the island. The high speed railways started operations in 2005, which has tremendously reduced the traveling time between north and south Taiwan. Domestic airports are available in Taipei, Taichung, Hwalian, Taitung, Chiayi, Tainan, Pingtung, Kinmen and Machu. The metropolitan areas are being developed with MRT systems, including the Taipei MRT and the Kaohsiung MRT systems, which make the metropolitan life more convenient.

Compared to other countries, Taiwan provides quality and inexpensive utilities and telecommunication services. It provides favorable prices or rates to users of oil and gas, environmental protection fees, and transportation fees. According to the Energy Information Administration of the US and the Malaysia Power Company's surveys in 2011, Taiwan's average household and industrial electricity rate was 8rd lowest among the 17 countries surveyed. Among the newly industrialized countries in Asia, Taiwan's average water unit rate was lower than Korea, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong. The average water unit rate in the European countries is 3 times to 9 times higher than in Taiwan.

World Economic Forum (WEF) has released its "2012 Network Readiness Rating (Network Readiness Index, NRI)" rankings, among the 142 economies featured in the report, Taiwan is the world's 11th ranking. WEF Networked Readiness rating as the most representative of the global IT competitiveness ranking of countries. This year, the WEF noted that Taiwan has made significant progress in the use of ICT since the 1980s and it ranks third in the government usage pillar, 7th in the economic impacts pillar, and 2nd in the social impacts pillar. Moreover, Taiwan's competitiveness ranking has improved according to the Global Competitiveness Report 2012-2013 released by the World Economic Forum. Taiwan made progress in the categories of institutions, infrastructure, higher education and training, goods market efficiency, labor market efficiency, and financial market development when compared with last year's report. This indicates that Taiwan's competitiveness profile is consistently strong.

According to the "Measuring the Information Society 2011" released by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), Taiwan ranks 5th lowest in the world in terms of FTTH/B and the internet penetration rate. The internet penetration rate is high in Taiwan. About 80% (82.5%) of households have access to the internet, 80% (87.5%) have computers, 90% of the households with the internet access use 2Mbps or faster broadband.

Country Average Rate for Electricity(In U.S. Cents) Average Rate for Electricity(In New Taiwan Dollars)
Taiwan 7.88 2.60
Japan 16.58 5.42
South Korea 5.80 1.91
Honk Kong 16.44 5.43
Philippines 15.55 5.13
Thailand 6.47 2.22
Malaysia 8.01 2.64
Indonesia 6.86 5.92
China 5.92 1.95
USA 9.14 3.02
United Kingdom 11.22 3.70
France 10.49 3.46
Italy 17.71 5.84
Australia 6.26 2.07
Sweden 6.14 2.03
Canada 7.77 2.56
Spain 10.41 3.44

Data Source:

Taiwan Power Company

Ranking Country(Region) Water Rate( In New Taiwan Dollars/M3)
1 Germany (Berlin) 98.85
2 Belgium 95.79
3 United Kingdom (London) 77.83
4 Denmark 73.76
5 France (Paris) 65.55
6 Austria 62.03
7 Netherlands (Amsterdam) 60.23
8 Australia (Canberra) 59.60
9 Japan (Tokyo) 49.1~115.4
10 Italy 51.82
11 Spain (Madrid) 42.95
12 Sweden 42.04
13 Finland (Helsinki) 41.77
14 Singapore 33.8~45.1
15 Canada (Ottawa) 33.56
16 South Africa 33.50
17 USA (Washington) 24.33
18 China (Hong Kong) 17~36
19 Taiwan 10.84
20 Korea (Seoul) 8.70

Data Source:

Taiwan Water Corporation

Country Oil Price ( In New Taiwan Dollars)
Taiwan 32.77
South Korea 57.08
Japan 53.61
Singapore 49.63

Data Source:

Energy Report April 2011, Bureau of Energy, MOEA

Source from: Invest in Taiwan

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