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The global economic center is moving from the west to the east. The focused marketplace is also moving from mature marketplace to emerging and developing marketplace. Goldman Sachs analyses three indices "Workforce Growth", "Capital Reserves" and "Technology Growth" to forecast the GDP growth rates of many countries and selects N-11 (next eleven) countries, of which 7 countries are in Asia. This indicates that the Asia-Pacific region is becoming the center of global economy.

China and India are at the center of the Asian-Pacific region. Their strong economic powers have made them the new driving force of the world economy. Taiwan is geographically and culturally close to the center of the world economic growth.

With these advantages, Taiwan businesses can set up overseas production bases in mainland China. Taiwan's modularization and mass production capabilities and many key technologies make it the important supporting force for East-Asia to become the largest production base in the world. According to Taiwan statistics by the end of 2011, as to Taiwan's outward investment to Mainland China, 575 applications have been approved with the amount of 13.1 billion U.S. dollars. In addition, according to WTO, China has become the "export platform" of Taiwan, which means that the merchant trade which was among Japan, Taiwan and US before now changed to four parties, Taiwan, China, Japan and US. And Taiwan keeps its competitive advantages.

Taiwan is actively promoting the normalization of cross-strait trade and lifting unnecessary restrictions, so that Taiwan can completely link to the international value chain and create a three-win situation for Taiwan, foreign companies and China. With cross-strait industrial cooperation, Taiwan industry will be integrated into the Greater China economic circle, which can create new investment opportunities for Taiwan and the foreign companies in Taiwan. Taiwan businesses can further become the best partners for multi-national companies operating in the Asia-Pacific region. With the normalization of cross-strait trade, both local and foreign companies can completely make use of Taiwan's potential advantages and can establish cooperative partner relationships with multi-national companies through the "platform" Taiwan, enhance their cross-strait industrial deployment, and increase their competitiveness in the global market.

Source from: Invest in Taiwan

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