On- campus Accommodation

On-campus undergraduate dormitories are divided based on gender and are open to students all year-round. Typically, four to six students share a room. Usually, pets are not allowed. University students usually wear something casual to class. Coin operated Laundromats can be found inside dormitory buildings. At on-campus dining halls meals cost NTD40-130(≒USD1-4). Food stalls, cafes and inexpensive restaurants are usually close to campus, typically within 15 minutes walking. Some campuses have on-campus health centers, which provide medical assistance for minor ailments. Some schools have a post office, a bookstore and a bank on campus. The expenses are about NTD 6,000 to 10,000(≒USD200-330) per semester.

Off- campus Accommodation

If dormitories are unavailable or you prefer a different living arrangement, off-campus apartments, including studios and flats, are available. Most Chinese learning centers provide information about local rentals on the internet. Depending on the accommodation's type, quality and location, rent ranges from NTD 3,000 to 13,000(≒USD100-430) per month.

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