Organization Introduction

The Steering Committee for the Test Of Proficiency-Huayu (SC-TOP) was established in November 2005 under the direction of the Ministry of Education of R.O.C. Originally "Chinese Language Testing Center" and renamed in January, 2007, the Committee aims to develop and promote an effective Chinese assessment system, mainly the Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language (TOCFL), for Chinese learners worldwide to assess their Chinese proficiency.


The For Beginners level of TOCFL measures both listening and reading skills of non-native Chinese speakers at the beginning level. The first test was administrated in Nov. 2007. The total number of test items is 80, and the total testing time is 80 minutes. TOCFL is given in multiple-choice items. Test takers get one point for each correct answer. There is no penalty deduction for the incorrect answer.

Test Introduction

TOCFL is a foreign language proficiency test for non-native speakers of Chinese. Those who wish to know about their level of Chinese proficiency, or those who want to study, work or do business in Chinese speaking countries are welcome to register for the test.


TOCFL is administrated in four levels, For Beginners, Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. For the Basic, Intermediate and Advanced levels of TOCFL, each level has three sections, including listening, vocabulary and grammar, and reading. The total number of test items is 100, and the total testing time is 110 minutes.

Target Test Taker

The TOCFL for Advanced level is designed for:

  • Non-native speakers of Chinese.

  • Test takers who have taken 960 hours of Chinese courses in Taiwan or 1920 hours in countries and areas other than Taiwan.

  • Test takers who have acquired a vocabulary base of 8000 words.

Test Content

The authentic materials used in the TOCFL are extracted from materials in daily life, such as advertisements, public announcements, notices, letters, memos, time schedules, and weather broadcasts. In addition, these diversified texts are derived from a variety of fields, including literature, science, art, astronomy, and history.

Test Format

The content of the test in general focuses on everyday speech incorporated in various situations.

For Beginners

The test measures both listening and reading skills of nonnative Chinese speakers at the beginning level. The total testing time is 80 minutes. The test consists of 80 multiplechoice questions in two sections: Listening Comprehension (Description; Matching; Dialogue; Conversation) and Reading Comprehension (Sentence; Picture; Blank Filling; Passage).

Basic/ Intermediate/ Advanced

The testing time for the Basic, Intermediate, Advanced Level is 110 minutes. The tests consist of 100 multiple-choice questions in two sections: Listening Comprehension and Reading Comprehension.

Purpose of the TOCFL

TOCFL test takers who passed the requirement of TOCFL will receive certificate. The certificate can serve as a Chinese proficiency credential for:

  • Applying for the "Taiwan Scholarship".

  • Applying for the academic programs at colleges or universities in Taiwan.

  • Serving as a reference of Chinese subject for University Entrance Committee for Overseas Chinese Students.

  • Serving as a job-required proof of Chinese language proficiency. The certificate of TOCFL can be used as an official document when applying for admission to undergraduate and graduate programs in Taiwan. Also, many international businesses, such as LG, adopt TOCFL as reference for their employee dispatch programs in Taiwan.

TOCFL Testing Overseas

To meet the demand of numerous international Chinese learners, the SC-TOP has started to provide overseas test services since 2006. Candidates can now choose to take the TOCFL test in Japan, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, USA, UK, and France. Also, the SC-TOP plans to increase test locations annually. For more information, please contact
your local Cultural Division of Taipei Economic Cultural Office.

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