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Study in Taiwan
in 7 steps

International students interested in studying in Taiwan will definitely have many questions about studying in Taiwan. The 7 steps for submitting your application are listed below. 


Step3  Contact the office of international affairs for admission

Make sure the program you intend to apply for is open to international students. Every university in Taiwan has an Office of International Affairs to provide advice and support for international students, and are the primary source for admission guidelines for international students (check our database for specific contact information).

Step4  Requirements

Make sure you are well aware of and meet all the requirements of the individual school.

Step5  Prepare all the required documents

Fill in the application form correctly and prepare all the required documents.

Step6  Submit on time

Send the application package before the deadline.

Step7  Apply for your visa

Make sure you have received an admission letter. You will need it when applying for a visa and registering.